Crew Manning Services

K.R. Marine Services Private Limited firmly believes in "People", "Leadership" and “Technical Excellence" as the foundation of reliable and effective service.

In selection of both sea and shore based staff, K.R. Marine Services Private Limited maintains an industry leading standard of recruitment and training; developing staff in a friendly, inter-active working environment, geared towards continuous improvement. Whilst providing complete crews for ship operators / owners / managers fleet of vessels under our crewing agency.

Most importantly, we're responsible for the safety and health of our people onboard and ashore. Safety always comes first. We take responsibility for the environment and our surroundings because we want to protect our planet for future generations.

Responsibility also means honesty and trustworthiness. We expect all our people to do the right thing and never to accept unethical or questionable business practices. We manage significant values on behalf of our customers.

We take responsibility for the job being done in a professional, cost-effective manner that preserves their assets and reputation. We also guarantee first-class training for our employees.



We are pleased to introduce you our company “K.R.MARINE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED” ISO 9001-2008 certified, duly registered with Directorate general of Shipping having Recruitment and placement services license (RPSL-MUM-182)professional and ship management company having its registered office at heart of commercial capital at India , Mumbai which is also the pivot of Indian seafaring trade and Industry.

The company has been established with a primary focus to provide Quality Ship Management Services to Ship Owner’s and thereby ensuring smooth and profitable operation of vessels under its management .


Managing directors message

"It is our managements policy and philosophy to be competent and accountable to our clients in all areas of business. We believe in teamwork both within and with the clients to ensure best possible solutions to any problem."



Our objectives are to provide qualitative crew manning services and to supply our clients with highly experienced personnel who are:
“Qualified , trained and certified Manpower as per STCW-95 standats
thereby meeting the requirement of Ship owner
" Medically fit for service.
“Adequately experienced to operate assigned vessels.


Our policy is to ensure

" Safety to the seafarer’s, vessel and the environment
" Effectiveness and excellence of our services.
" Compliance with all applicable National and International standards and guidelines as set by IMO/Shipping authorities" & Cost efficiency


Our Mission

“Company is committed to provide quality, safe, efficient and environmentally ship management services to the satisfaction of the principals while providing secure and professionally fulfilling carriers of our employees by maintaining the highest degree of integrity in all aspects of our operations."


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